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Homeowner Tool: Window Builder On-Line

What does a Geometric window look like with a white vinyl frame? How would a double hung window look with sculptured grids? What would a bow window look like with seven casement windows?
To discover the answers to these questions, you don't need to leave your home. Just visit the new Window Builder on-line tool on the Web site.
The Window Builder allows homeowners to visually construct custom windows at the click of a computer mouse. Parameters such as style, frame color and grid selection go into the on-line construction of the window, allowing you to see customized products available from Simonton within minutes.
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Environmentally-Friendly Vinyl Windows and Doors Save Energy

Looking to save on energy bills in your home? Then consider environmentally-friendly and energy efficient vinyl windows. That's what John Kosmer did when he used 80 Simonton vinyl windows to help create his solar home in upstate New York.
Thanks to his green building efforts, Kosmer can heat his 4,000 square foot home for just $1.50 a day. "I specified ENERGY STAR compliant windows with a very sensible glass package to help us retain the sun's energy," says Kosmer. "Investing in vinyl windows with an upgraded glass package is one of the smartest moves any homeowner can make to save on energy bills."
According to the Green Building Resource Center out of Santa Monica, Calif., vinyl windows and doors meet two of the organization's five categories to be considered a green building product. The first qualification vinyl windows and doors meet is that they help save energy by reducing heating and cooling loads in a home (especially if ENERGY STAR qualified windows are installed). The second qualification met is that vinyl windows and doors contribute to a safe, healthy indoor environment by not releasing significant pollutants into a structure.
"Our research shows our vinyl products meet five specific GreenSpec® criteria as set forth by BuildingGreen, Inc.," according to Christopher Burk of Simonton Windows. "First, our products are made with pre-consumer recycled content. Second, our windows and doors are exceptionally durable and have low maintenance requirements. Third, our vinyl products help reduce heating and cooling loads. Fourth, our products do not release significant pollutants into a structure. And finally, some Simonton impact-resistant and high-design pressure windows and patio doors help with noise control. Meeting these five criteria illustrates how vinyl windows and doors can be environmentally friendly."
According to Burk, vinyl frames have a �one-two' winning edge over alternative frames. "It's more energy efficient to convert vinyl into frames than using other framing materials," says Burk. "And, once installed in the home, vinyl windows and patio doors are virtually maintenance-free and offer superior energy efficiency capabilities � especially when combined with a strong glass package.
"Quality vinyl windows and doors can help lower heating and cooling bills in the home. These products also tend to have a longer life cycle than other frames (such as wood or aluminum). The resistance of vinyl to rot, decay and insect infestations means the product will last longer in a home, requiring less frequent replacement. All these factors combined illustrate why vinyl windows are considered friendly products for the environment."
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Friday, March 11, 2011

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Finding The Right Contractor Shouldn't Be Painful

Doing the right Home Improvement or Remodeling project can add real value to any type of home, if done correctly and efficiently by a licensed and Insured professional. Using high quality materials that are energy efficient, appealing and most importantly, reliable such as low-maintenance Vinyl Siding, Window Replacements, Shingle Roofs and Power Washing will add real value. In most cases, you can expect and immediate return on your investment after having these home Improvements completed  .

Choose a contractor like Art Oliveri who will get the job done correctly, walk you through each and every step of the project from start to finish without any hidden extras...
Our home improvement service at A. Oliveri Siding and Remodeling has given us an edge above other home remodeling companies. Being one of the areas oldest service providers in Siding, Replacement Windows, and Roofing gives us great buying power through our suppliers and in return, can pass along the savings to you! We offer high Quality at a Reasonable Price

                     So why choose A. Oliveri Siding and Remodeling 
                    We at A. Oliveri Siding and Remodeling listen to your needs!!!

 We don't use high pressure sales, or try to sell you something you don't need or want. Communication is key to any type of remodeling project and we want your project to have the best possible outcome. You'll get a detailed project estimated time of completion -- without headaches! You will also get one of the best warranties in the home improvement business, should you ever need to use it..

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