Saturday, October 1, 2011

Long Island Gutter Cleaning

A. Oliveri Siding and Remodeling
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At we offer great service and top of the line gutter cleaning at an affordable price. We service properties in the Suffolk County N.Y.. Whether you are a business, homeowner, or contractor we'll work with you to make sure you are happy with our gutter cleaning and Screening and related services. Save money by fixing your gutter and downspout system!
* Gutter repair and replacement-numerous styles
* Securing of loose gutter
* Stripping and sealing of leaking corners and seams
* Gutter splicing and sectional replacement
* Drip edge and diversion flashing
* Downspout repair and replacement-all styles
* Gutter screen installed
* Moss Treatment
* Un-Limited pressure washing
* 1 year guarantee on all repairs!


  1. The best Long Island Patio Contractors specializes in the installation of concrete patios, garage floors and sidewalks.

  2. Thanks Benton, We can Clean them Dirty Patio's for you.

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