Saturday, October 8, 2011

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A. Oliveri Siding and Remodeling



A. Oliveri Siding & Remodeling  Has been serving Suffolk County N.Y. for over 28 years. Call today for your Free Estemate.

             Key Benefits of Vinyl Siding & Accessories:

  • Beauty - Vinyl siding provides enduring beauty and design flexibility. You can select vinyl siding that will be consistent with your home's design and fit into the environment and neighboring homes.

  • Durability - Vinyl siding is now the number-one siding material available. Nothing beats vinyl siding, accessories, and trim for sheer endurance. Vinyl is impervious to rain, cold, salt and snow. And vinyl siding won't rot, peel, dent or show scratches, or ever need painting.

  • Value - Vinyl siding is a great investment. In fact, it's the siding of choice in 44% of installations today. If you love the look of wood, you can achieve a natural appearance with vinyl siding. Vinyl siding adds value to your home that you'll feel good about for years to come.
We use only top quality brands including:

Crane Siding


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  3. We had a sliding glass door and two large Windows installed about three yrs ago and have had no problems. They were installed in no time. My consumers bill has went down since we had them installed. Next year we will probable order more o be installed in the bedrooms.
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